The Best Finger Style Guitar Pick, Period.

Alaska Picks give you the tone you crave with the touch you need. Our picks will not snag your strings but will glide smoothly across your strings. Alaska Picks are available in both Polymer and Brass. Polymer Alaska Picks give outstanding warmth and clarity with subtle definition and lots of nuance within the timbre depending on attack. Brass Alaska Picks will give you a brighter character that is more shaped and focused. With the brass material subtle changes in attack can generate really nice swells in instrument projection. Why not try them both?

If You Can Pick It, You Can Alaska Pick It.

Alaska Picks are not just for guitars. They are perfect for a variety of musical instruments including banjos, lutes, harps, lyres, mandolins, ukuleles, dobros, steel guitars, if it's got strings you can pick it, and if you can pick it, you can Alaska Pick it. Alaska Picks also make wonderful gifts for any stringed musician. Come to think of it we've never met a musician that didn't like gear.

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